Why Gun Control Matters

Or, more importantly, why it might not.

Teaching children about civics is fantastic. Our future should be informed about how government works. Our youth should know they have the right and duty to speak out against injustice. They should know that every individual has a role to play maintaining the relationships we have with one another as humans. They should also know the role law plays in this dynamic, and understand the infrastructure of a functional modern society as we know it.

But if we are teaching them all these things, why are we not teaching them to be social justice warriors in their closest social circles? Are we really giving them the tools they need to fight for peace, respect, and equity when we don’t teach them how to stand up for and protect everyone around them from isolation, despair, and disenfranchisement?

We as a people, a culture, must understand that literally everything that has ever stood the test of time, began with a solid foundation. The solid foundation we need is genuine kindness – atomic level kindness.

Somewhere long before we reach “I’m not trying to take away your guns” and “I’m not trying to say that we should do nothing”, there can be “I’m going to make certain my kids know they should stand up to people who bully and intimidate others, even and especially when no one else around them is. “

Children are sponges and parrots. They soak up the world around them and repeat it and send it back off into the atmosphere as easily as most of us inhale and exhale. Pray it be something GOOD and positive they send forth into the universe. Teach them to listen to others, to be kind, and to respect and care for every living creature.

If we all do this, consistently, it will become our culture. If it is our culture, our children will desire to live in it and by it. Then it won’t matter what weapons they have. Words. Knives. Bombs. People who believe in the power of being kind to others do not arm themselves with malicious intent.



the purpose here

  • I will call you out, if I feel I need to.
  • I will call him, or her, or they, out if I feel I need to.
  • Every effort to maintain a clear line between respectful diplomacy and political correctness will be made in this space.
  • Being kind is not only always beautiful, it’s always necessary.
  • Sometimes one must be a bit cruel to be a bit (or infinitely) kind.